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Billet Brake Ducts for 6G Camaro ZL1 1LE

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Looking for even more Track-Tested brake cooling? The ZL1 1LE provides an excellent means of getting air from the front end to the braking/wheel well area, but then it blows it in the general direction of a diverter to help cool the brakes... now you can take that air and channel it directly where it NEEDS to go, and not lose any of it! 

These Brake Ducts mount securely to the factory ducting in the bumper/wheel well, and give you a perfect attachment point for the brake duct hose (included), and our Billet Aluminum ducts mount to the spindle and put that air right where it needs to go. 

Kit Includes:
  • Plastic Carbon infused 3D Printed Brake Duct s
  • Silicone Wire-supported High Temp Brake Hose
  • Billet Spindle Hose Mount with Steel Mounting Bracket
  • Required Bolts
  • Rivets for Mounting Plastic Ducts

As an ADDED BONUS, we include for FREE a set of brake line mounts... these are for use if you have installed stainless steel brake lines on your car, and have nothing to attach them to. These mounts bolt up on your factory shock, and give you a secure and safe spot to attach your brake lines to keep them from flopping around!

*** Does not include safety wire for securing ducting hose to kit components. Do not use plastic zip ties, especially on the brake rotor side.