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Camaro 6G Strut Camber Locks (16mm)

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Running Upper Adjustable Camber Plates on your 6G Camaro (Or any vehicle that uses a 16mm Camber Bolt)? These locks allow you to lock the Camber Bolt in either Full- Negative Position, Full-Positive Position, or right in the middle! This ensures that your Camber Bolts will not slip, and any adjustment you make to the Adjustable Camber Plates is exactly what you have set! No more slipping adjustments! 

Manufactured in-house, Made In The USA! 

Set comes with 4 total washers... Use one washer on the nut-side of each strut bolt. Comes with 2 washers that can be flipped for either full-in or full-out, and 2 washers for placing the camber bolt in the middle of the adjustment range.