DEI Universal Muffler Shield Kit

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Muffler Shield Kit solves the problem of heat soak into interiors and components from mufflers that are close to floors. The Best muffler shield/wrap on the market. Based off our proven Floor and Tunnel II heat shield, our new MufflerShield is designed to wrap around just about any size muffler. Includes our tough Stainless Steel positive locking ties for a tight secure installation. Kit includes a 10mil dimpled aluminum shield, a 1/8" thick glass fiber insulator it can be easily trimmed to fit most mufflers. Greatly reduces radiant heat coming off your muffler resulting in a cooler interior and protection from damaging heat.
Muffler Shield Kit; Incl. 42 x 24 in. Dimpled Aluminum Shield /42 x 24 in. Glass Fiber Insulator /4 - 40 x 1/2 in Positive Locking Ties/Locking Tie Tool;