HP Tuners RTD+ Remote Tune Delivery

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Tired of lugging around a laptop, or needing to 'rent' a laptop from your tuner? What happens after you take the time to remote tune with someone and you want to change something? Do you really want to have them ship you a laptop and tuner, and put down another deposit for it all before you can even datalog? What if the car has a serious problem and needs to be fixed immediately?

This is the product you've been waiting for! Now you can load a remote tune from your tuner, data-log, and make your car faster utilizing this inexpensive tuning fob from RM Motorwerks / HP Tuners, and the RTD App! 

RTD+ is a tool from HP Tuners designed for Remote Tune Delivery! It allows you to send your vehicle read files and share datalogs directly with your tuner, and then receive professional calibration files to flash back to your vehicle via the TDN App. The RTD+ offers full iOS and Android support with the TDN App. 

***This Item DOES NOT Include The Universal Credits!*** 
If you already have Credits for your vehicle, they can be transferred... if you do not, you will need to buy the Universal Credits by Clicking Here

 Download the TDN App Here: