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RM Motor Werks ZL1 1LE 3-Piece Racing Splitter

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Finally, a splitter with proper mounts that you can count on! 

RM Motor Werks has been developing and testing this splitter in various applications for a couple of years now, and we are very excited to finally bring this splitter to market! 

The multi-piece constriction of the splitter allows for easy installation and removal, but most importantly, if you damage the splitter at an event, you can easily replace the one section instead of the entire thing! The smaller parts are easier to pack away in a trailer just in case you need them (if you order extras). You can also "in a pinch" make a splitter blade out of wood or other material if you are at a race weekend and damage it. 

The under-bumper frame mount array allows you to install the splitter and support rods without cutting any part of the bumper, and they clear all the ducting on the sides without any trimming needed! This makes removal of the splitter to go back to stock, a seamless job. In fact, the only "cutting" you have to do to install this splitter, is to drill 4 small holes in the back side of the aluminum crash bar. This mount setup even clears the stock soft/styrofoam crash structure if you plan to leave it installed under the bumper! 

This splitter includes an ABS Plastic Air Dam that is not only cut to match the contours of the factory splitter, but it is also multi-piece, so that if you remove one of the splitter 'wings' you don't have to remove the entire air dam first... you just remove the wing and it goes with it making it easy to work on. 

This splitter is a true game-changer, and has been shown effective and durable on multiple test cars over the last couple years worth of testing! Everything from high speed track day use, down to cone-killing autocross! This splitter is a true game changer!