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RM Oil Cooler Thermostat Adapter for Camaro ZL1 to use Improved Racing Oil Thermostat

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Looking for a way to cleanly mount an Improved Racing Oil Thermostat Housing on your Camaro SS/ZL1 1LE or CTS-V in a much more tidy manner? With this adapter take-off plate, you can install the Improved Racing Universal Oil Thermostat directly onto the engine, saving you from having to buy 4 different fittings... That means there are less potential leaking points, and it is a much more tidy installation. You also don't have to try to figure out a good place to mount the Thermostat housing (There aren't many, which is why we made this part)

This Adapter Plate REQUIRES the use of the Improved Racing Universal Oil Thermostat (FSM) You can purchase this Thermostat from us by adding it as an option.