Vibrant 35-38mm External WG Flange Untapped Hole Tial/Turbonetic/Turbosmart modelT304 S3/8in Thick

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Vibrant Performance stainless steel turbo flanges are constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel and are designed with the turbo fabricator in mind. Vibrant Performance turbo flanges are available for all of the industry leading turbo chargers and are offered for turbo inlet, external Wastegate, and turbo discharge applications. Standard 4-bolt, V-Band, divided, transition, complex multi bolt and block off turbo flanges are all available.
Recommended Products: 1st Choice PN: 1436G, 2nd Choice PN: 13002, 3rd Choice PN: 68327, 4th Choice PN: 2350, 5th Choice PN: 2360
Precision laser cut and CNC machined to ensure a perfect fit to your turbo components