Vibrant 7/8in O.D. Heat Protect Flexible Sleeving (5 foot length) Black

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Vibrants Heat Protect Flexible Sleeves are silicone wrapped fiberglass sleeves that offer protection from constant temperatures of up to 500 deg F (260 deg C). The Heat Protect Sleeving is highly flexible and is engineered to protect hoses, cables and wire harnesses from damage caused by exposure to extreme heat, open flame and weld sparks. It will also contain radiant heat, saving nearby components from heat damage. This sleeving will also resist automotive chemicals and solvents and provide protection from abrasions, punctures and moisture.
Recommended Products: 1st Choice PN: 16320, 2nd Choice PN: 11910, 3rd Choice PN: 11960, 4th Choice PN: 11960B, 5th Choice PN: 11960R
Available in 1/2" to 1-1/2" nominal sizes, in either 2' or 5' lengths