Vibrant SS T-Bolt Clamps Pack of 2 Size Range: 3.78in to 4.08in OD For use w/ 3.5in ID Couplings

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Vibrant Performance Stainless Steel spring loaded T-bolt Clamps are constructed entirely from a 300 series stainless steel that features a zinc plated steel t-bolt, lock nut and spring. Vibrant Performance stainless steel spring loaded t-bolt clamps compensate for fluctuations in all types of hoses that experience thermal and/or pressure changes that cause a hose to expand or contract. They are available in diameters that support Vibrant I.D. hose couplings ranging from 2” to 6”.
Recommended Products: 1st Choice PN: 2716, 2nd Choice PN: 11821, 3rd Choice PN: 11827, 4th Choice PN: 2803, 5th Choice PN: 10924
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