Vibrant Stainless Steel Muffler Strap Clamp for 138mm O.D. Muffler

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Vibrant Performance stainless steel muffler body clamp features a thick rubber liner to prevent scratching or damaging to your titanium muffler or resonator. Our stainless steel body clamp allows for the welding of stainless steel hanger rods onto the clamp while the clamp holds / clamps to the titanium muffler or resonator body. They are available in outer diameters of 108mm (4.25?) and 138mm (5.5?) for Vibrant Performance titanium resonators and 160mm (6.3?) for Vibrant Performance Titanium mufflers.
Recommended Products: 1st Choice PN: 17527, 2nd Choice PN: 17532, 3rd Choice PN: 11989, 4th Choice PN: 1198C, 5th Choice PN: 25312