Vibrant TPV Round Muffler (23in Long) with 4in Round Tip Straight Cut - 4in inlet I.D.

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Vibrant Performance has one of the most complete offerings of mufflers & resonators for all segments of the industry. Our "true straight through" internals feature a stainless steel perforated tube that is wrapped in our premium quality, multi-layer sound suppression materials that will produce a low, deep tone while allowing for unrestricted flow and maximum horsepower. Vibrant Performance mufflers & resonators are the perfect fit and suitable for all naturally aspirated and forced induction applications.
Recommended Products: 1st Choice PN: 13044, 2nd Choice PN: 1493, 3rd Choice PN: 11898, 4th Choice PN: 1475S, 5th Choice PN: 1194A
Densely packed with our premium multi-layer sound suppression materials that produce a very deep and distinctive exhaust note