Volant 21-22 Ford F-150 EcoBoost / Raptor 3.5L Turbo DryTech 3D Closed Box Air Intake System

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Volant Performance Air Intake Systems are designed for one thing, Performance. By optimizing airflow and utilizing free-flowing filters, Volant Performance Intakes outflow stock systems to increase overall performance while protecting your engine. This air intake comes equipped with Volant's Latest Filtration Technology, DryTech 3D, a high flow, no oil, low maintenance (up to 50K miles) solution to your filtration needs. DryTech filters are nearly 98% efficient and mazimize airflow to increase vehicle performance. Simply vaccuum the surface for a quick clean or rinse with soap and water then let dry, occassionally to maintain peak filtration performance. Whether On-Road or Off, Volant Performance has you covered.
Cold Air Intake Kit; Incl. Closed Filter Box/Air Duct/Drytech® 3D Filter; Round; Dry; 6.0 in. Flange;