Volant 21-22 Ford F-150 EcoBoost / Raptor 3.5LTurbo Donaldson PowerCore Closed Box Air Intake System

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Volant Performance(R) Air Intake Systems are designed for one thing, Performance. By optimizing airflow and utilizing Donaldson Powercore(R) Ultra-Web(R) free-flowing air filters, Volant(R) air Intakes outflow stock systems to increase overall vehicle performance while providing the ultimate in engine protection. Available only from Volant, Donaldson(R) PowerCore(R) Ultra Web(R) Air Filters are 99.96% efficient and offer an unmatched combination of maintenance-free filtration (up to 150K miles) and performance. If you are looking for the best performance filtration available for your vehicle look no further than Volant(R) air intakes with Donaldson(R) Powercore(R) filtration.
Cold Air Intake Kit; Incl. Closed Filter Box/Air Duct/PowerCore® Filter; Straight Round; 6.0 in. Flange;